I Dream To…be a Chef like Chef La La

Chef La La

This is me!

My Name is Ana Reyes and I dream to work as a chef like Chef La La.  I was inspired to work as a chef because I feel that a chef could be a fun and hard working job. A chef is also able to create new recipes, as well as make old recipes even better.

My mentor, Chef La La, told me she was first inspired to work as a chef because of her dad since he worked well in the kitchen.  She encouraged me to follow my dreams.  In life, there are going to be ups and downs, a lot of obstacles and we need to over come them.

Chef La La

Chef La La

Do you have a role model? Why?
I think my role model is my father because he is just so amazing in the kitchen. He knows how to put anything together.

What is one inspirational quote that you like and why?
Some people look up the steps and some people step up the stairs. So you can either choose to step up or look up the steps.  That actually is one of my favorite quotes but I think in life we have a chance to keep looking at things hoping that maybe we can see it all the time or we can choose to take action take a step and a lot of steps that equal success.

Chef La La

Chef La La

Have you ever had your heartbroken? How did it feel?
Oh yeah many times. I’m a very emotional person but you know I don’t regret it. Actually I’m glad I had my heart broken because I remember even when I first fell in love with my husband I knew the chance of getting my heart broken was really big but it’s better to have lived than to not to have lived at all.

Chef La La

Chef La La

Is being a chef a long career?
Actually it depends what kind of chef you want to be. It can range from five years to many more.

Did your family support your decision of becoming a chef?
Oh yeah! Especially since my mom and my dad worked as chefs and they always cooked and made a lot of food. So yeah, they actually were really cool about me wanting to be a chef.

Chef La La

Chef La La


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