I Dream to… work as a Marketing professional like Natasha Desruisseaux

me, Enjoli Littleton

me, Enjoli Littleton

My name is Enjoli Littleton and I Dream to … work as an Entertainment Marketing professional like Natasha Desruisseaux.   Here is my interview with her:

Q1. What is your job?
A1: I work at Sony Pictures in visual effects and animation. I talk with journalists at different types of magazines to see if they would like to run a story on the latest projects.

Q2. Did you always want to work in marketing?

A2: No, I wanted to be a physical therapist, but when I got to college and started taking chemistry, I decided that the medical field wasn’t for me.

Q3: Do you enjoy your job?
A3: Yes, some days are harder than others, but overall I enjoy my work.

Natasha Desruisseaux

Natasha Desruisseaux

Q4: What inspired you to do the work you are doing ?

A4: My entire life I’ve been amazed and dazzled by entertainment and the world of make believe. I never saw myself working in the industry until a good friend told me to pursue it since I had a degree in TV Production. Everything about the industry was an interest for me (fashion, movies, television, and music). I realized that in order for me to be happy and successful in life I should do what I love. I took a big risk, quit my career as an Operations Analyst, packed up my car and drove to LA from Miami. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been working in various parts of the movie and television industry the past 4 1/2 years from production to creative to marketing. I feel like I still have so much more to learn and I am looking forward to the journey ahead on my road to success.

Q5: If you had a chance to have another job, what would it be?
A5: If I could really sing, then I would like to be a singer.

Portrait of Natasha Desruisseaux by Enjoli Littleton

Portrait of Natasha Desruisseaux by Enjoli Littleton

Q6: What are 5 adjectives that describe you?
A6: Motivated, Positive, Determined, Easy Going, Strong

Natasha, a Marketing professional

Natasha, a Marketing professional

Q7: If you could give me any piece of advise what wold it be?
A7: If it’s what you want to do, stick with it no matter what
-Keep your grades up
-Research your industry
-Go to, and graduate from, college

Enjoli: Thank you !

Natasha Desruisseaux: You’re welcome !

Amy Tierney.

Mentor, entertainment Marketing Professional, Natasha Desruisseaux with student Enjoli Littleton. Photo by: Amy Tierney.


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