I Dream to … work as an Architect like Melanie McCartor

me, Jasmin Prado

me, Jasmin Prado

My name is Jasmin Prado and “I Dream to” … work as an architect like Melanie McCartor. I was inspired to want to work as as an architect because they work a lot with math and they make and design people’s houses. I got interested because I really like math. My mentor Melanie told me she was first inspired to work as an architect because she really likes what they get to design and how much money they get.

She has encouraged me to keep doing this because I really like to design things and I like to do math.

My interview with Melanie is here:

Melanie McCartor, Architect

Melanie McCartor, Architect

Q1. Do you have time to go out with your friends?

A: I have time to go out with my friends and my family. There will be times when you have to work hard and focus on your studies and on your work, but there will also be time to visit with your friends and family. Every job is like that.

Q2. What is the range salary for a person in your position?

A:I have been working in the architecture industry for approximately 15 years. Someone with that many years of experience who is capable of leading a team and of providing leadership in the office should make between $80,000 and $150,000 per year. By the time you get to be my age, you might make more.

Melanie shows me a blueprint

Melanie shows me a blueprint

tools of Melanie's trade

tools of Melanie's trade

Q3. Do you enjoy what you do?

A: I do love being an architect. It’s a challenging job, which makes it fun. Once you start working, it will be easier to understand how important it is to have a job that challenges you. That’s what makes every day interesting. Every architect I know loves being an architect.

Q4. Who inspired you to be an architect?

A:My parents inspired me to be an architect by taking me to visit a lot of interesting buildings and by letting me learn how to work on their house when I was growing up. We also used to take family walks around our neighborhood and used to talk about different features we saw on our walks. I also met a teacher in college named Linda Polluck that really inspired me to stay focused in the architecture program at my school.

she shows me an architecture book

she shows me an architecture book

Q5. What were your first jobs in high school?

A5:When I was in highschool, I didn’t work in an architecture office, but it’s a good idea to try working in an architecture office if you are able to get a job in a good firm. During highschool, I was a lifeguard. During college, I worked for a general contractor as a framer on a construction site and for a movie studio designing and building stage sets for movies.

me, Jasmin: Thank you !

Melanie: You are welcome !

Amy Tierney.

Student Jasmin Prado interviews architect Melanie McCartor. Photo By: Amy Tierney.


2 responses to “I Dream to … work as an Architect like Melanie McCartor

  1. Hi Jasmin. I hope all is well with you. I’ll call your school soon to find out if it’s possible to take you on a tour of a couple of architecture offices.

  2. Ruth Galaviz

    Wow I really like your blog!!!

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