I Dream To…be a DJ like DJ Shy

nv-006My name is Narvy Vasquez and “I Dream To” … work as a DJ like DJ Shy. I am inspired to work as a DJ because my uncle was the one that taught me all about music. My mentor, DJ Shy told me she was first inspired to work as DJ due to love of music. She has encouraged me to graduate from school and follow my dreams.


Q1* What school did you go to?
A*  I attended a lot of schools.  Starting with high school, I lived outside of Pittsburgh in a very rural, Amish area and attended Neshannock High School.  College to me is very important.  I feel that it’s a great way to introduce kids to the real world.  I ended up getting my Bachelors in Finance at Penn State Universitiy.  At the time I wanted to pursue a career in Health Administration so I decided to get my Masters in Health Administration from USC.


Q2* How many years have you been working?
A*  I’ve been spinning since 2001

Q3* How much do you get paid?
A*  Money really varies.  It depends on the type of event (wedding, birthday, promotions event, sports, concert, etc), the duget, number of hours, etc.  The top 3 DJ’s of the world like Tiesto can make up to millions on New Year’s Eve night.


Q4* Do you like what you are doing?
A*  I love what I do.  However, it took me a while to convert from a secure 9-5 job to become independently contracted as a DJ.

Q5* What inspired you to become a D.J?
A*  I love music and the way certain songs make me feel whenever I listen to it.  As a DJ, I love to entertain crowds with that same feeling.

Me: Thank you !

DJ Shy: You’re welcome !

Amy Tierney.

Narvy Vasquez photographs DJ Shy. Photo By: Amy Tierney.


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