I Dream To…be a fashion consultant like Viviana Rueda

rr-001My name is Renee Rivas and “I  Dream To” … work as a fashion consultant like Viviana Rueda. I was inspired to want to work as a fashion consultant because I love fashion and how clothes can make a person happy.  My mentor Viviana told me she was first inspired to work as a consultant when she saw her godmother work as a bridal wedding designer. She has encouraged me to go for my dreams and that anything is possible if I set my mind to it. She has given me the drive and the belief, that I can make it.

rr-0041. When you where growing up did you always dream to be a part of fashion?

I actually dreamt of being a jockey or jumping horses for a living and didn’t put fashion and business together as a life choice for myself until after 17 years of being in the corporate marketing and sales world.  Fashion has always been a part of my life (coming from a 4th generation fashion family) and I took it for granted as part of my lifestyle but not as a business until later in life.

2. Who inspired you to be in this industry? My mother, her sisters and my godmother.  They are all insanely fashionable women with a flair for design and my godmother was a bridal wedding designer.  I grew up selling and styling in their luxury boutiques and helping my godmother finish bridal gowns for socialites during my summers in Colombia.  I’m also inspired by gutsy women such as Coco Chanel who started from nothing and built a global empire and Diana Vreeland who inspired creativity and challenged the norm.


3.what would you say is the best thing about your job? I get to make a difference in people’s lives.  I see positive change and my clients become my close friends.

4. With your busy job do you have time for people that are important to you like friend, family or boyfriend? I have to learn balance in this arena because I want to take on the world and think that I can do that all on my own.  My community, family and friends and my spiritual core are the building blocks of what I do.  They are the most important things in my life, without them I am not me.


5. Do you enjoy what you do? I love what I do because I can see a real impact in my client’s lives.  When we do our work we see immediate results and it’s very gratifying.

6. If you created your own clothing line what season would you choose to do it in? Winter.  I love Winter and all of the flexibility that it gives you for fabrics, styles and you can go crazy there are so many options.

Me: Thank you !

Viviana: You’re welcome !

Viviana shows me some style examples.

Viviana shows me some style examples.

Amy Tierney.

Renee Rivas and fashion consultant Viviana Rueda. Photo By: Amy Tierney.


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