I Dream to…work as a DJ like DJ Shy

Jacky Rodriguez at LA LeadershipMy name is Jacky Rodriguez and “I Dream To” … work as a DJ like DJ Shy.  I am inspired to work as a DJ because because I really love music and enjoy listening to it. Also you get to have a lot of fun and go to parties. My mentor DJ Shy told me that she was inspired to work as a DJ because she also enjoys music a lot. She has encouraged me to take music classes and to go for my dreams.

jr-001 Q:1*Why did you become a DJ?
A:  I love music and the way certain songs make me feel  whenever I listen to it.  As a DJ, I love to entertain crowds  with that same feeling.

Q: 2* How did you become the person that you are now?
A:  It takes hard work, faith and dedication to really be able to succeed in anything.

Q: 3* Do you enjoy what you do?
A:  I look forward to spinning any chance I can get.

jr-003Q: 4*How much money do you make?

A:   Money really varies.  It depends on the type of event (wedding, birthday, promotions event, sports, concert, etc), the budget, number of hours, etc.  The top 3 DJ’s of the world like Tiesto can make up to millions on New Year’s Eve night.

For me getting paid is a privilege.  I spin various events around the world; even charity events.  No matter what I do, happiness and fulfillment is more important.

DJ Shy shows off her holiday records

DJ Shy shows off her holiday records

Portrait of DJ Shy

Portrait of DJ Shy

Amy Tierney.

Students Jacky Rodriguez and Narvy Vasquez with DJ Shy at LA Leadership High School. Photo By: Amy Tierney.

Q: 5* Do you have time to be with family, friends, relatives?

A:  Fortunately, most of the DJing occurs in the evenings on the weekends.  It definitely leaves time for family and friends during the day.

Me, Jacky: Thank you !

DJ Shy: You’re welcome !


3 responses to “I Dream to…work as a DJ like DJ Shy

  1. Great job girls!!!

  2. Ruth Galaviz

    How cool!!!!!!!

  3. hey luckey u got 2 meet her before i did im going 2 meet her in 2-3 weeks ill give u da info i get from her cuz im not dat intrested 2 be a dj. but i really want 2 be a sinnger so ill give u the latest dj info
    From: Enviromental Science and Technology High School

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