I Dream to…work as a Psychologist like Lindsay Heller by Griselda Colin

me, Griselda Colin

me, Griselda Colin

My name is Griselda Colin and “I Dream To” … work as a psychologist like Lindsay Heller.
I was inspired to want to work as a psychologist because I am interested in helping people with problems. My mentor Lindsay Heller told me she was first inspired to work as a psychologist because she loves to help people. She also thinks that it is interesting to hear about the different issues and different stories. She has encouraged me to keep up with my education and follow my dream.

me, Student: Griselda Colin
Mentor: Lindsay Heller, Psy.D

Here is my interview with her:

Dr. Heller with one of her tools

Dr. Heller with one of her tools

Q1: How long did it take you to become a psychologist?

A: Well it took about 11 to 12 years to become a psychologist but before I got my career I did a lot of therapy in school and took practice therapy classes.

Q2: Do you have time for the people you love/family?

A: Actually I do have time for the people I love because I make my own schedule.

gc-002Q3: Did you get some loans to help you ?

A: I did get some loans and it was really helpful. Do well in school so it will not cost you any more than it needs to.

Q4: How was your first year of being a psychologist?

A: My first year was great and challenging because I had a lot of different jobs. As soon as I got my license, I wanted to do everything.

me:  Thank you !

Lindsay:  You’re welcome !


Amy Tierney.

Student Griselda Colin and Psychologist Lindsay Heller at LA Leadership High School. Photo By: Amy Tierney.


10 responses to “I Dream to…work as a Psychologist like Lindsay Heller by Griselda Colin

  1. Dr. Lindsay Heller is one the hardest working women I know and I believe she is being rewarded now for all those years as a struggling student. Her dream of becoming a psychologist has come true because of her perserverance. She is an excellent role model as she studied, worked hard and never gave up on her dream. I should know — she is my daughter-in-law and I am very proud of her.

  2. I met Lindsay a few years ago and was also impressed by her drive, ability to work hard and natural curiousity about people and the world. Griselda, you asked some great questions and conducted a fantastic interview. Keep up all of your hard work in school and I look forward to seeing you join our great and and always interesting field of psychology. Dana Kiesel

  3. Great job Griselda! Awesome article!

  4. Lane Shadgett

    Lindsay is a great choice for a role model! Well-chosen, Griselda, and terrific job on the article!

  5. Beautiful article Griselda. And your dream to be a psychologist is wonderful….like Lindsay, keep your vision and you will make it!

  6. Fabulous article. Remember, your dreams can come true!


  7. Bravo Griselda! Stay focused, work hard and your dream will come true!

  8. What a great interview Griselda! Keep up the wonderful work and you will achieve what you set your sights on!


  9. Hey Griselda!
    YOU are an inspiration! Dr. Heller can tell you — hard work pays off. Congratulations on your dream!

  10. Rosalee Bellerose

    Hey! Would like to say your very beautiful! and YOU will become a psychologist! My dream is to become a psychologist too! I am 16 and know I will become one! Great to see others that want the same dream as I 😉 ♥♥♥

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