I Dream To…be a Jewelry Designer like Ninaki Priddy

This is me!

This is me!

My name is Robin Thimbriel and “I Dream To”…work as a Jewelry Designer like Ninaki Priddy.  I was inspired to want to work as a jewelry designer because I am very creative and I love making things.  My mentor Ninaki Priddy told me she was inspired to be a jewelry designer when she young and she was knew one day she would make something.

Ninanki Priddy

Ninaki Priddy

Who inspired you to be what you are?

Growing up I always saw my parents working for themselves- they started their own business when I was 2, so I had that instilled in me from a young age-  that one day too,  I would create something that was my own.  Growing up, I was really fascinated with Liberace, and David Bowie- it was a pretty musical upbringing, so I was exposed to some eccentric characters and performers. Their unabashed personalities, and undeniable individual style was beautiful to me- I’m sure I couldn’t comprehend and appreciate, when I was that young exactly what they were contributing to the person I would turn into, but I celebrate them everyday.  Living life without passion is unforgivable, you have to be curious. desire. design.
When you were my age did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?
No, I couldn’t begin to checklist those daily details of tasks and collaborations at your age.  It was more the feeling of the person I wanted to become- Because at your age, I thought I was going to be a Pediatrician, and as such turns out, that’s not the field I’ve found myself in.  I loved studying biology, and knowing all the nuts and bolts of why our bodies tinker & tune the way they do, but it wasn’t the reasons that was going to make a good doctor.  Having that redirection in ones life, answers a lot of questions- but you have to start somewhere, even if it leads you in a particular direction, it’s not a wrong direction, think of it as a curve.
To go from trading my student-scrubs in at my internship as a CareExtender (( http://www.geocities.com/careextenders/ )), to learning all the latest software and applying to architecture school— that was a 3 year detour, of studying something that you can say was “a waste of time”; I know from the bottom of my heart, that the three years of studying anatomy, and biology, will inform the very shapes that I make now.  My jewelry is organic and voluptuous, but its inspired from an organic natural space – the human body.
Now I design, and accessorize the body – designing jewelry allows me to include all the same formal investigation of designing a home- you have to understand your clients needs and how they plan to use their home— who will live there, how will they live and interact with each other.  That’s a very intimate responsibility to design a home, and I find that same connection in designing accessories in the sense that you inform how they (the jewelry) should be worn.  Designing a collection is about narrating a lifestyle – what she wears during the day, at night, at a disco. 🙂
Ninanki Priddy

Ninaki Priddy

Who is your favorite designer and why?
I was 17 when I bought my first Diane Von Furstenberg dress, it was for my 18th birthday party, so I saved up my money from lifeguarding and bought the most beautiful off the shoulder creme colored grecian-esque fabulousity, I still have have it too!  I always had my own style, I loved vintage shopping and going through my moms old bell bottoms and fringed jackets- but it wasn’t until I saw that dress, where the magnitude of a designers language just translated into one design.
I’ve loved DVF ever since.
Why are you a designer?
It’s an obsession, no doubt – I’m always sketching, sculpting, working on the computer, a couple different projects at one time – but the filter of what you use to create something to put back in the world, that has a trace of history, but still presents itself as something never done before, is why I’m a designer.
Ninanki Priddy

Ninaki Priddy

Tell me the best and worst thing about being a jewelry/fashion designer?
The best thing is exhibiting your work, when you can see how people respond to it, how they make it their own.  I have a lot of joy introducing the collection to people, and watching them favor certain pieces over another.

I think as a designer, you become so meticulous about little details, some designs never feel finished- so its difficult sometimes to step back, when you live and breathe with your designs 24/7, and still have to see it with a fresh pair of eyes each time.

Ninanki Priddy

Ninaki Priddy


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  1. This looks amazing, Robin – let’s make another Vision board!

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