Analisa Dreams To Be……….


Me with Cynthia’s cool samples.

My name is

Analisa Cocom. I interviewed Cynthia Ocelli. I learned that at some point, life isn’t going to hand  you things anymore so you have to fight for yourself to continue. As I interviewed Cynthia, I asked her a few questions. One was if she loved what she does. She responded of course! It is what she loves. Another was if school was hard and she said it was difficult but you have to push through. The last question was if it was all worth it. With a smile, I already had my answer. I also did learn some interesting facts about her. She wrote her own book, she has a daughter, she has amazing parties, she does a lot of amazing designs, and  her house was her very own design! I especially loved that one. As the day went on with my mentor, she helped me design my inspiration board. Three very important items that I put up were cake designs, room designs, and blue prints for a house. They are all very important to me and my future. I love designing. It is what I’m meant to do in life. It is my passion and what my heart craves for.

Me and my mentor after an inspiring day together.


My wonderful mentor Cynthia.


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