Natalie dreams to be…

Me and my mentor

My name is Natalie Lopez and I  interviewed Maya Myers. I dream to work in visual arts like Maya, and I learned a lot by meeting her. I learned about cameras, the different parts to it, and to always take an extra set of batteries because you never know when your camera can shut down and you’ll be stuck there not being able to take any photos and then your boss could fire you! Maya inspired me to figure out what I truly love and start doing the little things that will help me get to my dream career. I hope one day I will love my job as much as Maya loves hers.

My mentor, Maya Myers


I asked my mentor if she ever did any fashion shows with models and she replied that she has shot a few fashion shows  but that she mostly takes pictures of people like politicians, or events like marches and protests or news from around the world or even pictures of cars like the latest models of Lamborghinis that just came out like 2 weeks ago.

I also asked Maya if she has met any famous people and she answered–Yes I have actually, but I think I remember one. I was at a park and I don’t remember exactly, but there was an event and right there almost like 6 inches and a half away from me was Morgan Freeman.”

Maya teaching me how to work a photo shoot.

Maya's camera


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