Stephanie Dreams To Be….


This is me taking notes from the interview.

My name is Stephanie Martinez. I interviewed Lucia Cottone. I learned that you have the choice  to do anything you want. No one can stop you but yourself. Lucia has inspired me to follow my dreams and to work hard in everything I do because it will all pay off in the end.

The coolest mentor in the world, Lucia.

Here are some questions I asked my mentor Lucia:
1)Did your family help or agree with you being what you are or wanted to be in the past? Answer: Well, my family always wanted the best for me, so they would support me.

2)Did you EVER think you were going to get this job? Did you even know if this job existed? Answer: I certainly didn’t know I was going to become what I’ve become and I really didn’t know about this job.

Me and my mentor.

3)Do you like waking up in the early morning knowing or not knowing what your day is going to be like?Answer: I usually have a schedule what I’m going to do for the day and I do like it because I plan it out so I have the choice to do or not do stuff.                 

*Whatever you put your effort into, the results are always going to be positive or negative.You at ALL times have the choice to do or not do stuff and like I said before, it either turns positive or negative. Past is history and affects present while present is now and if you don’t use it for good, it IS going to affect your future.

One of my biggest fears is not quitting, but failing, one of my classes. I either have the choice to keep on having that F or learn from my lesson and study and do something efficiently to raise that grade.

Lucia has very busy work days.

4 very special things that I put on my Inspirational Board were Natural Habitats, a map of the world and Italy, a picture of a sky, and chocolate. These things are very important to me and represent me because I LOVE these things. I love traveling and would still love to travel around the world (gosh, especially ITALY!!!). I like natural things like flowers, grass, the OCEAN/dolphins, and stuff like that and would like to live in front of the ocean. Even though I’m 14, I’m still an imaginative girl who daydreams and has these HUMONGOUS dreams. Last but of course not the least….CHOCOLATE!!!! If it were up to me, I would have lived in a Chocolate factory but I prefer living in front of the ocean. 😉


One response to “Stephanie Dreams To Be….

  1. Stephanie, you have done such an amazing job! I am so proud of you.You captured the essence of our day together and so beautifully expressed yourself. You have an amazing ability to make me smile. Every time I think of you, there it is “a smile”. And you must know you inspire me as well. I look forward to seeing you soon and do know that you have a very special place in my heart. As much as I had an impact on you you had a big one on me! Ana Lucia

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