Kimberly Dreams To Be……

My name is KIMBERLY CEJA. I interviewed Terry. I learned that you will always make mistakes; not everything may be right. I will always follow my dream no matter what happens.



Terry and her beautiful creation.

Here are some questions I asked my mentor Terry:

  • Do you  ever make mistakes on the job? Well yes, not everything will always be right, there will be simple mistakes most of the time.
  • Did you know you wanted to be what are you right know? Not really, but I wanted to do something creative.
  • All the stuff you put in the basket mostly came from around the whole world ? Yes, most of the things are from around the world. I like traveling around the world and learning how things are made.


Me and my mentor.

My mentor was cool. I like that she likes to travel and most of the things she puts in the baskets come from around the world. She likes what she does and she wants to open a cafe. I hope she does because it will be pretty cool. She always knows what will be best for a customer to give away, whether it is good or bad.

There are some special things I put on my Inspirational Board. They were a picture of Snoop Dogg, a football, and a picture where all the family is at the dinner table. I put the Snoop Dogg picture because I love some of his music and I think he is the best rapper. I also put a picture of a football because it represents the sport I like playing most and I am kinda good at it. I also put a picture where all the family is eating at the dinner table because it reminds me of when I eat. Everytime I eat dinner, I always eat with the whole family because it’s family time and it’s important to be there and talk about the day. These things are very important to me because it represents how I am and what I like doing. Hopefully when I get older I keep doing what I love to do.



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