Anakaren Dreams to Be…

This is me and my mentor Jennifer.

My name is Anakaren Martinez. I interviewed Jennifer Chan. I learned that she started working with fashion when she was 16 years old.

  1. When did you start learning about your career? She started working when she was 16.
  2. Where is one place you have worked at? She worked with the magazine IN STYLE .
  3. Where do you normally work at? She works from her house.

Jennifer uses her phone a lot to make important business calls.

My mentor Jennifer Chan’s profession took her to places that she would never imagine. She goes to famous star parties. She also gets to work from home, that way she doesn’t need to go to places except to parties or interviews. Her work is also difficult because for a photo shoot she needs to find stuff; for example, she had to find a sofa that combined with the clothes the model was going to wear. She inspired me to try my best because when she went to work she skipped a step. Other girls started from the bottom when Jennifer skipped a step and went right to the top. She has motivated me to work hard and to never give up on my dreams.

Fun research!


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