Mirca’s “I Dream to be…”

My name is Mirca Mora and I dream to work in marketing.  My mentor Michelle Kajan motivated me to follow my dreams and to not give up and always say to myself: “I want to do or accomplish all of these things before the year or month ends”.

Three things that I put on my inspiration board are:

-A photo of an investigation because I want to be a detective someday.

-A photo of luggage because I want to travel the world.

-A photo of clothes because I LOVE fashion.  I don’t want  to create fashion, I just like wearing it.

The TOP 5 Reasons I want to do what my mentor does are:

-I like to sell things.

-I like to create.

-I like business.

-I like to travel and meet new people.

-I like to make $$$$!

1) Did you ever have somebody at your work tell you that you couldn’t do it ?

Yes, one of the men who worked there who was successful offered me a dollar because he said I would need it one day.  He didn’t think I would be a good salesperson.  I was like,”We will see about that.” But later he came up to me telling me he was sorry, he was just jealous.

2)Did your parents support you on your decision ?

Yes, my parents were very supportive with me because they would tell me ,”You can do it mija”. I also believed in myself and that I could accomplish anything that I wanted.

I learned a lot  on how to take pictures and to believe in myself.

Since joining Step Up, I believe more in myself and I learned how to take pictures.  It has helped me with having confidence and trust in myself.


2 responses to “Mirca’s “I Dream to be…”

  1. It was an honor to mentor Mirca, she is motivated, she dreams BIG and she understands the importance of setting goals to make those dreams a reality! Mirca is a strong young woman and there is no doubt in my mind that she will be a successful marketing professional/CSI when she completes college. You go girl and I’m here if you need me!! ~Michelle

  2. All the best to you Mirca…you will do fabulous in anything that comes your way! –Sara (I work with Michelle)

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