Stacy’s “I Dream to be…”

My name is Stacy Ventura and I am open to exploring many different careers.

My mentor was Karen Bonsignore who works as a reporter for CNN.  Meeting with Karen motivated me to be more open-minded about my future because I CAN be someone successful.  Also, my mentor told me to never give up and to never say “no” to any opportunity that comes up in my life.  My mentor told me a lot of things she had to do in her job which inspired me. She also motivated me to always look ahead and to never give up on myself.  She also told me that I don’t have to stay with the same career I already had in mind because there are many more out there.  She reminded me to always take advantage of all of the opportunities that come up in life.

Three things that I put on my inspiration board are:

– The word “Paris” because I want to go there someday.  It just looks so nice and beautiful and I want to see the Eiffel Tower.

-The word “Law” because I might want to be a lawyer someday.

-A photo of the sky because it looks peaceful.

-I Like to find out new things.
-I like to find out about new movies.
-I like to meet new standards.
-I like trying new things that come up.
-I like to make $$$ 🙂


ME: What did you want to be when you were a child?

KAREN BONSIGNORE: I wanted to become a Broadway star. I wanted to sing on Broadway!

ME: What did you do to become what you are now?

KAREN BONSIGNORE: I was an engineering major, worked with edit equipment. I went to Georgia and CNN. It was the very beginning and they hired me  because I knew I could edit.

I wasn’t into Step Up when I first started, but the workshop changed my mind.  I want to stay in Step Up through 12th grade.  I like learning new things.  Everyone should try Step Up, because you never know what cool things can happen.


One response to “Stacy’s “I Dream to be…”

  1. Karen Bonsignore

    Hi Stacy,

    I loved seeing these photos. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed being your mentor. I hope you’re doing well in school and keep that camera clicking and those stories coming!

    Best Regards,

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