I dream to be a businesswoman like.. Diane Riechenberger

My name is Isabel Fong and I dream to work as a businessperson like Diane Reichenberger. I was inspired to want to work as a businessperson by my family, because most of my family members have their own business. I remember when I was little, I always wanted to have my own thing.

Meeting Diane was life changing!

My mentor Diane Reichenberger is a very inspiring person, because I love how she’s such a very hardworking person, who likes facing new challenges and is not afraid of things going wrong. Diane told me that she has always enjoyed her job and likes meeting new people. She owns her own company called Giiv.

She has traveled  around the world. One of her favorite places she has travel to was China. She loved it so much that she wanted to live there. She has encouraged me to overcome my fears and to never be afraid. She told me, “NEVER be afraid- LIFE IS FUN! THIS IS YOUR LIFE! ENJOY IT ALL!”..and I’m going to do it .

Diane.. she’s so funny, nice and fun to be around.  I really enjoyed asking her questions about her profession and how she became successful.


1. Who inspires you ?

– The person who inspired me to become a person in the business area was actually my dad’s secretary. I used to go to my dad’s work to help him and I saw how his secretary was dressed , the type of car she had, etc. The moment I saw her, I knew I wanted to be like her. I wanted to have all the things she had.

2. What is the best thing about your career?

-The best thing about my career would definetly be traveling. I love to travel. I’ve traveled to so many places, including different countries, and I’ve learned about different cultures that there are in the world. I learn new things every time I travel.

3. What are some companies you have worked in?

-Some companies include, Rock & Republic, L.A Gear, Joe Boxer, The Gap and more. I loved working in those companies. I am currently working on my own business, called Giiv.


2 responses to “I dream to be a businesswoman like.. Diane Riechenberger

  1. WOW! Isabel is such an incredibly strong, smart and lovely young women – I am honored to have met her and spent time together. Thank you for your very kind words! I feel the same about you!

  2. Isabel, this is great. You have an amazing personality and you are very strong minded, I’m glad that you have such a great like minded mentor to base your life on. Life is a struggle, but its the struggle that makes it so worth while when you have achieved your goal, yet goals never stay in the same place when it comes to success, because there is always something better to aim for, to better yourself and career and push further to become someone, to be remembered.
    I’m lucky to know you, and I know that your success is only around the corner. Good luck, and never forget that you always have people that love you to support you.

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