I Dream To Be…a chef like Sienna Spencer

Me just being me

My name is Mariana Herrera. I’m a girl who has many dreams to reach. I dream of becoming a chef. Meeting Sienna Spencer inspired me to become a chef because she tried her hardest to make her goals. She explained to me how hard it is to reach her dreams. For example, her first job was as an actress. Even though she tired her hardest, she wasn’t happy and she was under a lot of stress from her job. She wanted to become a chef instead because she loved to cook. She loves this job because it never becomes old to her and also you never stop learning new things. She gave me a good advice for my future, that to find a job you’re happy with and to do what you love is the most important thing. Thank you for giving me good advice and a good time. What I put on my inspiration board was a girl who is relaxed [no stress], family, friends, boyfriend Ivan [inspiration], and a quote: “In a life journey you meet new people, new things, and challenges!”

Chef Spencer doing her thing

Q: How did you started out as a chef?

A:Three years ago she wasn’t happy with her previous career and she thought about what made her happy and it was cooking. She started a cooking program for 9 months and at the same time worked at a restaurant.

Putting on her clothes for working time

Q:Why did you become a chef?

A: She loves food and fastened a knowledge of food, history, and creativity and everyone loves to eat and she wanted to make people happy.

Knowlegde is life

Q: When did you start working and when did you know what you wanted to be?

A: Her first job was working at Disneyland at age 17. She sold balloons and ice cream. During that she was acting. Then she changed, but says not to until you’ve given it 100% and decide that you don’t want to do it anymore.


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