I Dream To Be… a difference maker in the world like Tal Gilad.

me being me

My name is Ali. I dream to make a difference in the world. Meeting Tal Gilad inspired me by her motivation of helping children go to college. She helps get money for scholarships for the less fortunate. Tal wanted a more meaningful career other than entertainment, so she chose the path of joining a non-profit organization called The Fulfillment Fund. It’s really important to have people like Tal to open a wide range of opportunities.

Q:How did you hear about this organization?

A:It’s actually been around for a really long time. I grew up hearing about it.

A day at work!

Q: Why did you quit your job working television production?

A: I wanted a more meaningful career. There can be challenging days at work, but it is worth it knowing  that because of us, a kid can go to college.


“When we get caught up in cycles of brooding and worrying, our minds are stuck in the past or future. Get out of the cycle by focusing on the present, noticing the cool breeze on your skin, the taste and texture of a bite of food.”  -Lori Hilt

Materials needed...

Milk and Cookies!


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