I Dream To Be… a lawyer like Lauren Leahy

This is me being me.
This is me being me.

Bonjour! My name is Vianey Cadena. Meeting with Dr. Lauren Leahy inspired me to chase my dream. Lauren was such an inspiration because it took her a long way to get to where she is now. She told me her parents were lawyers as well which is what inspired her to become one. She is a civil litigation attorney so she mostly defends companies. She does work with other companies that do work for free such as the Alliance for Child Rights. Overall, Lauren is an amazing person and she really inspired me to try my best and chase my dream.

Lauren reading a book.

Q1: How often are you assigned to people rather than them contacting you?

A: I’m mostly assigned people so I don’t get to choose but there are interesting cases so I get what ever is there.

Q2: Do you speak other languages? Is that helpful in your job as a lawyer?

A:  I speak French but I wish I would have taken Spanish.

Me and Lauren.Lauren taking notes.

Lauren doing research.


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