I Dream To Be… in Fashion like Alissa Zito

This is me being me 😉

My name is Gabriela Villeda. I dream to be a writer. Meeting Alissa Zito was an incredible experience. She inspired me to reach for my goals. Alissa was in sports PR for 5 years after which she realized she would prefer to do fashion. She emphasized the importance of college and how studying can prepare you for so many things. She had the capability of changing careers to be in fashion because of her years at Loyolla Marymount. She also stressed the importance of getting all the work experience possible. She told me networking and internships were really important, because showing your work ethics, especially for free, really shows employers how committed and interested you are. After fashion, Alissa went on to doing Public Relations for Step Up. She felt it was a good opportunity to mix career and helping people into one, as well as a better opportunity for self growth. She knew she wanted to continue being in Public Relations, but Step Up was an incredible program she wanted to be a part of.  Alissa was an amazing mentor, she showed me that hard work and determination can get you anywhere.

Alissa looking through magazines for her job in Public Relations

Q1. How did you feel about the transition from a sports into fashion?

A1. Transitioning from sports to fashion is a proud achievement of mine. Fashion is hard to get into. I was scared that others would say, “What do you know about fashion? You came from sports.” I was scared I would not dress right or expensive but it is really just how you put it together.


Q2. Who inspired you to do Public Relations?

A2. I went to basketball games and always saw a woman sitting at the desk surrounded by men. I wanted to know who that lady was. I found out that the lady was a PR. That woman, without knowing me, inspired me to be a PR as well because she looked strong, her being the only woman sitting there surrounded by all those men. I ended up meeting this lady later in life.

Me, Gaby, and my mentor, Alissa.

Q3.  What made you interested in attending Loyolla Marymount?

A3. I was raised in Arizona, and growing up I was Catholic in a religious family. Colleges in Arizona were really big. I wanted a small school where I could get more one on one, but I also wanted it to be religiously affiliated. LMU was both of these things which really caught my interest.


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