I Dream to be in the Field of Science like Joey Soto


Hi, my name is Angie Zavala. I dream to be a marine biologist. Meeting with Joey Soto inspired me because she taught me to keep my mind open and work for what I love to do. Even though she didn’t think of being an environmental planner all her life she knew she would do well in whatever she studied for. At a young age she worked with her father, a landscape architect, and liked to water the plants and see how they absorbed the water so fast. She loved to travel and learn about new cultures. Joey went to South Australia for a year to study there. Joey went through some struggles as an environmental planner because there are not that many women in her field, but that’s not all. She also has to work with a lot of technology and, of course, science. Being an environmental planner also involves being very creative but this doesn’t always allow her to express her creativity.

This is Joey Soto 😀

At the age of 22 she went to UCSB . To be an environmental planner she had to take different courses like Chemistry, Biology and many other arts and science classes too. Joey’s favorite class was geography because this class involves a lot of work with the environment.

Her amazing plans for the 2012 year!!!

At UCSB she got her bachelors and undergrad, which took four years to accomplish. Joey also won the Santa Barbara Foundation writing competition and is a published author on environmental law.


Some important and inspiring quotes from Joey are, “To protect the outdoors, you have to work indoors”, and “It takes a creative mind to drive technical design, it takes a creative mind to make something work for the community and help the environment. This is also called multi-benefit.”

OMG its water!!! (splash splash LOL)

So to Joey I would love to say thank you for a wonderful day, I am very grateful that you got to be my mentor. I hope to see you soon and spend some time together again. OOHH and don’t forget GO GREENDAY!!!!!


2 responses to “I Dream to be in the Field of Science like Joey Soto

  1. Wow, Angie! This blog is great. I am so impressed by your writing and I am so proud to have met such a beautiful, intelligent young lady like you! I can’t wait to see you contributing to environmental science in your future. You rock! 🙂

  2. Hi Angie! I’m so sorry, but I can’t make it to the event this weekend 😦 I’ll be out of town at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. I’ll be thinking of you while listening to all the amazing music in the beautiful desert! Keep on shining – you are an incredible young lady and I can’t wait to see you follow your passion!
    Your friend, Joey

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