I Dream to…be an actress like Ashley Jones x)

    Jello Stranger! My name is Suzie Q. (Albia Cruz). I dream to be an actress. Getting to meet and interview Ashley Jones (YES! from True Blood 😀 ) was very inspiring and fun. She gave me advice and answers to my curious questions, like what’s it like being famous and what time you have to be on set. Ashley shared with me some of her experiences at a young age. She drove to L.A, alone with her old used car to job hunt. Even when getting rejected she tried and tried, starting with minor roles. She didn’t give up, and NOW she has hit the spotlight with True Blood, a very, very popular show in HBO now. Ashley Jones helped me become determined and dedicated to my dream. Perseverance is a word that Ashley used–I had to look up its meaning and I realized that this word will stick with me the rest of my life!!@The_no_body ; Ö

Here I am with my amazing mentor.

Ashley makes sure she prepares for work.

It was cool to read a real script...


One response to “I Dream to…be an actress like Ashley Jones x)

  1. Hi Suzie Q!!
    Reading your entry is very exciting for me. I remember that rainy LA day well. Although it was dreary and wet outside, we were inside creating our own little world. I’ve never met someone with more energy and charisma than you. You will do whatever you set your mind to in life. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.
    Keep on persevering, my darling!
    xoxo Ashley Jones

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