I Dream to…to work in the field of chemistry like Jessica Ciridon

This is me being me.

My name is Claudia Martinez and I dream to be a chemist. Meeting pharmacist Jessica Ciridon inspired me because she helped me understand the importance of always being focused. She told me to never forget the big picture in life!!! Jessica also told me that for school I need to get really good grades for where I want to go. She knows this from experience because she had to get good grades too. Hanging around with Jessica inspired me to keep going with my dream.

Q:Who inspired you to become a pharmacist? Why?

A: Dad and mom because they told me to always work hard.

This is the wonderful and smart Jessica Ciridon

Q:How long did you last in school to become a pharmacist?

A: “I lasted 19 years. I also had a job.”

This is Jessica doing what she does everyday.

Q: What are your values?

A: “To live a good, clean life. Also to follow the Golden Rule.”

This is me and Jessica having a good time together.

Jessica helped me on my inspiration board. These are some of the things that are on my inspiration board. The first thing is numbers. The reason for the numbers is that I am in love with math and hope for my future career to use math. Also, I added on my board pictures letters that have been sent because I love to write for fun. I plan to write poetry or stories as a hobby. Finally, I put a picture of a rocket because I plan to work for NASA. NASA is a big part of my dream because I want to get things with my life and go above and beyond.


One response to “I Dream to…to work in the field of chemistry like Jessica Ciridon

  1. Jessica W. Ciridon

    Hi Claudia! Thank you for the beautiful article. I do not doubt that you will go far in life. You are also an inspiration to me! I will always cherish the time we spent and now I’m happy to have your article and the pictures to remember that special time. Take care and may you always follow your dreams! Love ya, Jess =)

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