Azalea Dreams to be ….

This is me enjoying the advice Sandy gives to me.


My name is Azalea. I interviewed my mentor, Sandy Gattozzi. I learned that you need to work hard in order to succeed in life and to be something. She taught me that it is really important to love what you do so that you will be happy when you go to work. 

Sandy and I during our interview.


Here are some questions that I asked Sandy. Where were some places you worked? 

  • Banana Republic, Restoration Hardware,Etc.

Is your job really hard? 

  • She said its not really TOO hard.

Is your job stressfull? 

  • She said that yes, sometimes she does get stressed because you have to constantly be doing your job well.

My mentor taught me many things about her profession. She said she does some type of accounting and is a manager. She also sells clothes. 

These are items that Sandy works with everyday at her job.

Sandy gets to read through magazines for work!



On my vision board, I chose a picture of Paris, France because when I grow up I want to go there. Another picture I chose is one of the Lakers because they’re my favorite team and that represents the passion and love I have for basketball. 


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