Diane Panuco dreams to be…


This is me!

My name is Diane Panuco. I interviewed my mentor, Gina Fattore. I learned that she was inspired to write, and that is what we both love, writing. She works as a script writer for different shows, and one show was Dawson’s Creek .

My awesome mentor, Gina.

Stuff from the shows she worked on.

Here are some questions that I asked her:

Q.  Do you ever lose a script on the computer ?

No, I haven’t!

Q. Do you always write 24-7?

A. Yes, I don’t even hear the mailman when he comes.

Q.  Have you ever written a story based on a personal experience, maybe about a  crush or a love story?

A. Yes!!

Here I am listening to Gina's cool stories.

5 facts that i learned about  my mentor

She  was an english major.

She likes love stories.

She likes getting thai ice tea for free from her boyfriend.

She worked at a local newspaper.

She has a new house .

5 things that I have on my inspiration board are: Buildings because I love complex architecture, a comic drawing because I’m old fashioned, pictures of food because I’m in love with food, and a book because I love reading.


One response to “Diane Panuco dreams to be…

  1. that was so much fun im starting a new story

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