I Dream To Be…an accountant like Agatha Kulesza

My mentor and I.

My name is Rocio Castaneda and I dream to be an accountant like Agatha Kulesza. Meeting with her I discovered things about me I didn’t know before. Like her parents, my parents also have dreams for me.  But meeting with her I was inspired to go not let anyone else influence my career goals and to work for what my dreams are.

She is smart with money!

Question 1: What school did you go to and why?

“I went to James Madden University, I didn’t pick to go there, my parents wanted  me to go. They wanted me to be a tax attorney.”

Question 2: Did you become a tax attorney?

“Yeah, for a while but I couldn’t handle it. We were banished to these little cubicle offices. It was so boring, in rebellion I wore bright colors.”

Question 3: What inspired you to open your online business?
“I wanted to help people and I wanted to have the freedom to do whatever I wanted.”

My mentor and her book.

3 of the many fun facts about Agatha:
1) She wrote a book.
2) She is outgoing.
3) She did what she wanted even against her parents’ wishes.

Here we are striking a pose.


One response to “I Dream To Be…an accountant like Agatha Kulesza

  1. You are so cute Rocio! I love what you did with our lovely day and hope you had as much fun as I had. Can’t wait to see you at the exhibition!

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