“I Dream To Be…In the field of Law like Kim Buffington”

This is me being me

My name is Sara Roschdi. I dream to be a politician. Meeting with Ms.Kim Buffington inspired me because she took charge of her life to become successful. When she went to the University of Michigan for law school she knew she made the right decision and she knew she wanted to change one person at a time by being a lawyer rather then changing politics as a politician. Now, of all her hard studies have paid off and she is a partner at her law firm Pillsbury. Now I know that with hard work comes great rewards.

Q1; How did you know law was right for you?

A1;I first wanted to go into the field of politics and then I went to law school and changed my paths a lot. Internships at my dad’s law firm really helped me to know that I wanted to be a lawyer.

Kim Buffington at work.

Q2;How do you manage keeping your clients’ secrets?

A2; Do not talk about your case in public because you never know who is listening. Keep your case documents protected  at all times and keep all cell phone calls private.

Watching over society.

Q3;What do you enjoy about law?

A3;I love strategizing and staying one step ahead of the game and I love solving problems for my clients.

Some facts the Kim taught me about law:

  • Women/Men ratio equal in law school.
  • There are less women that hold higher positions than men in law.
  • After 8 years at a law firm, less than 1% of all women of color are still working at the same law firm.My amazing mentor and I

One response to ““I Dream To Be…In the field of Law like Kim Buffington”

  1. Bravo, Sara. What a thoughtful and special selection of questions and answers.

    I had such a great time spending the day with you and can’t wait to follow as you develop your own career path. And of course, I will tell everyone I knew you when you were a fantastic smart, savvy young woman, before you became a big shot politician.

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