I DREAM TO BE… in the music industry like DJ Shy


My name is Priscilla Braden-Quinonez. I dream to work in the music industry. Meeting with DJ Shy inspired me more  because she never gave  up on her goal to be a DJ, which she says is her destiny. She applied at ”The Laugh Factory’,’ which is a comedy club, and worked as a waitress. She asked her boss if she could be the DJ at the comedy club. From there she went on to work with the Nike company.  Now she is a DJ who does parties and premieres. I know that even though I’m not sure I want to be a DJ, I know I will work in music whether through acting or being a musician. Meeting with DJ Shy made me see that with hard work and a dream you can be whatever you want to be.

The Happiest day of her life!

Q:How did you get started in your business?

A: I worked at ”The Laugh Factory” comedy club as a waitress and asked my manager if I could be a DJ and this is how it all got started.


Q: Where you founded by someone and who was he/she?

A:I was founded at the Laugh Factory but Earl marketing for the company of Nike.

M & M

Q:How old where you when you got started?

A:I was 22 years old when I got started.


Q: Did you go to collage?

A: Yes, of course. 2 years for undergrad bachelors, 3 years in grad school,2 years studying finance “because everyone needs to know finance”.

DJ Shy and I

Q: Why did they give you the name DJ Shy?

A: At 22 years old my friends gave me the name because I loved to DJ but NEVER like to talk on the microphone.


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