I Dream to…work in the film industry like Lorena David

This is me being me

My name is Joselin Hernandez. I dream to work in the field of entertainment like Lorena David. Getting to know Lorena has been a great inspiration for me because even though life was rough for her and she went through a lot of discrimination for being a woman, she didn’t give up. She tried to get her work published and known but people wouldn’t even look at her work once they read her name and saw she was female. Despite all the discrimination and obsacles she went through, she continued trying to live her dream. Now she has her own directing company. After hearing her story and learning all she went through, I really admire and hope that I one day get to have my dreams accomplished like her .

This is Lorena at work.

Q: What advice would you give a young director?

A: Really, all I have to tell them is have fun and never let anyone tell you you can’t do something you really want to do. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone discourage you and give it your all.


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