Kimberly’s “I Dream to be…”

My name is Kimberly Nolasco and I dream to be….. many things. I don’t want to worry myself in figuring out what I want to be in the future, but it is good to be prepared. Meeting Angie Grabski motivated me to not take no for an answer.  Her job is to go around to companies and ask if they can donate or sponsor the Step Up Program. Working  as a fundraiser/ non profit manager has taught her a valuable lesson about being persistent.  Trying to find people to help fund Step Up is challenging.  She has been rejected a few times, so when they tell her “No”, that they won’t fund, she won’t “take it as a long term no” she says. Being persistent is what I lack and I will now try harder. Her past experiences in journalism taught her that good communication skills are important.  But teachers would return her papers with red markings all the time and she soon learned that maybe it wasn’t the right thing for her as a career.

Three things I had on my Inspiration Board were:

1. A Pear Photo (sad photo) that opened up to reveal photos on the inside.  On the inside there was a Hawaiian chick and a picture of a spider.  I felt like this represented my reality.  Sad on the outside, but really happy is on the inside.  I LOVE insects and nature.

2. Photos of Mountains-  I like to be free and outside.  I love nature it makes me happy.

3.  Picture of people camping with bags.  This is a dream of mine.  One day I want to camp, but my parents won’t let me right now.

The top 5 reasons I would love to do Angie’s job are:

1. It’s just awesome.  You are able to “get out of your shell” at work.

2. You are actually helping out with an amazing program, Step Up, that inspires others.

3. It’s fun! There are lots of parties and events to raise money for a good cause.

4. You get to meet lots of different companies.

5. You don’t have to be shy.  I love Angie, because she’s cool and nice.  She has great energy.

I asked Angie, “What inspired you to be what you are now?” She told me that she went to school in Boston and then moved to Washington DC.  She always thought that she wanted to go into Journalism and thought it would be an easy major in college because she thought she was a really good writer.  She soon found out that it was NOT easy and that it turned out to be more challenging than she thought and that it wasn’t really what she wanted to do anymore for a job.  So she changed her career path to Nonprofit Management, where she still does a lot of writing. She taught me that it is ok to be “undeclared” and that it is not the end of the world to change your mind or to not know what you want to be….to just keep moving.

I asked her “What is the best part about your job?”.  She told me that she gets to meet all kinds of people when she is getting sponsors for Step Up. Even people at big companies.

What I loved about Step Up is that I got to be myself and was not as shy.  Most teachers are grouchy and they seem annoyed with me, but the Step Up teachers are fun and seem to enjoy being there.  They are very supportive.


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