Krisbel’s “I Dream to be…”

My name is Krisbel Delcid.  I dream to work in the field of science, possibly as a geologist. My mentor Amy Lomas works in the field of science as a veterinarian. Although there are differences in those two careers, they are both important and require you to learn about science. My mentor motivated me to always do what I want and not what other people want me to do.  She told me how complicated Vet School was and how she took some classes she didn’t want to take, but in the end it was worth it!

Three things on my inspiration board are:

-A picture of New York City, the reason is because that’s the place I want to live in. I love its crowded streets and seeing people rushing to their jobs.

– I used a map as the background of my poster board because I love traveling. Anything that includes packing up and going somewhere new is totally my thing.

-Big, thick sunglasses and beach hair all wavy like the ocean waves are a yes, they are calling summer out. I just love summer!!<3(:

The top five reasons I find Amy’s job interesting are:

-You get to learn more about animals since they are considered to be man’s best friend.

– You show how dedicated and caring you are for animals.

– It’s a good feeling knowing that you have cured or saved a living animal that feels pain as well as humans.

-The job has many emotions involved because sometimes you feel the pain or the happiness of the owners when you give them the news.

– You get to take science and further study how the animal’s bodies react to  medicine.

Question #1: Why did you choose to be a veterinarian?

When I was small I loved animals. I knew that I wanted to be a Veterinarian.

Question#2: How was vet school?

I took some classes that I didn’t really like, but in the end it was worth it.

What I got from Step Up is that I got to learn about photos and that you can explore feelings by taking pictures.  Step Up helps you learn more about things that I didn’t know I needed to know.  I learned how to create memories and how to write/blog about them.  It was fun.  I got to experience a mentor for the first time.  It gives me someone to talk to and learn from.


One response to “Krisbel’s “I Dream to be…”

  1. Wow! This is an awesome email! I am now I want to be a veterinarian too when I grow up!!!!

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