My name is Citlalli Velasquez and i dream to be….

My name is Citlalli Velasquez and I interviewed Charrisma Cordero Snyder who works as an editor in the film industry. Honestly, I’m not too sure of what I want to pursue as a career. As a child I always enjoyed drawing and sketching. I was inspired by my father’s amazing ability to draw and I wanted to pursue the dream that my father had never accomplished. At some point I wanted to do that for a living. Later, I realized that it was my father’s dream and not mine. It was more like a hobby and wasn’t what I really wanted for my future.

My mentor, Charisma Cordero Synder, like me, aspired to be a sketch artist just like her father and pursued it. She then realized that she wasn’t as happy as she wished with her job. Currently, she is a film editor and edits shows on HBO, Fox, and Nick. She is more satisfied with her job as a film editor and is happily married with a child. When I met Charisma, she made me realize that it is okay to change your dreams and to not to be afraid of making mistakes. She inspired me to follow my goals even if it means changing them a few times until I find myself. Thanks to Charisma I am not afraid to take a risk. Whatever I decide my dream to be, I know I will achieve it and succeed.


What caused you to change your mind about your career?
“I wasn’t too happy with what I was doing and wasn’t making as much money as I expected.”

Do you have any advice about chasing your dream?
“Never be afraid to make mistakes, without them you’ll never know what could have been.”

What is the most exciting thing about your career?

“The most exciting thing about my career is getting to meet new people.”

What companies offer you jobs in that field?

“There are many companies, for example, Universal, HBO, Fox, Nick, NBC, CBS, and Dream Works.”

Did you have to change anything about your lifestyle or personality once you began your career?

“I had to get used to spending a lot more time alone than what I expected.”

Vision Board: My goals for the future are to live in a nice house by the beach. I like the tranquility and peacefulness of the ocean waves. In my near future, all I wish for is to be in a stable household where money isn’t a problem and a career that I enjoy doing for the rest of my life, whatever it might be.


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