My name is Diana Morales and I Dream To be a Photographer like Jody Dominigue

My name is Diana Morales. I dream to be an photographer, just like Jody Dominigue. She taught me some really fun stuff that I didn’t know. Meeting her was really fun and it made me think about a lot of things. She inspired me to go out and take a lot of pictures of my friends so I could get better at photography. I am really appreciative that she was my mentor. Thank you Jody for helping me out and making me realize that photography is something that I am looking forward to pursuing.

3 things I learned about Photography:

A professional camera is better than a regular camera. A professional camera can take better quality pictures than a regular camera.

How did she start getting into photography?

She started by going to an art class and the teacher made her take pictures of 15-20 random people that she didn’t know.

Which event she photographed was the most fun?

She had to do a shoot in the Playboy mansion, and she liked it.

Things I put on my vision board:

I used a lot of photos of high fashion modeling because I want to photograph people that wear a lot of clothes and look very elegant. I also put people laughing because even though I am not the one making them laugh it makes me smile.


One response to “My name is Diana Morales and I Dream To be a Photographer like Jody Dominigue

  1. I had such a great time learning all about Diana! She was super sweet and a joy to talk to. We bonded over music and photography, two of my favorite things.

    I can’t wait to see her talent blossom in photography. Diana rocks!

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