My name is Jennifer Guardado and I dream to be a designer like Ninaki Priddy

My name is Jennifer Guardado and I interviewed jewelry designer Ninaki Priddy.  Ninaki started off as an architect.  She was inspired by her father who was an architect and later changed her career when she realized she had loved jewelry all her life.  She was able to combine her previous career in architecture with jewelry making to design wearable architecture.

She inspired me because she successfully changed careers and that shows that you can do anything with your life.

Ninaki has designed jewelry for celebrities (like Fergie).  She names every ring she designs and wears a ring on each finger.

I learned that in order to succeed, it is important to stay focused on your goals (even when you have celebrity clients) and that some  important classes to take for a career in design are skethching and pattern making.  She inspired me to take the right classes and to stay focused so that I can achieve anything I want to in my life.

Some advice from Ninaki:

Don’t be afraid

Be Creative with Everything

Let your Ideas and Sketches speak to you


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