My name is Karina Garcia and I dream to be….. an artist.

My name is Karina Garcia. I dream to be many things. One thing I dream to be is a make-up artist like Jessica Metevier.

Meeting with Jessica helped me put things into perspective. She taught me some valuable lessons such as staying in college. She told me to go more preferably to colleges that majored in what my dream job was. She also taught me NOT to say anything bad about the people you work with. She inspired me to really think about what I wanted to be because throughout the years, I might change my mind on what I want to become. After I talked to Jessica my goal was clear. I want to pursue my goal of acting and follow my dream to get an Oscar Award.

My Vision Board.

When I was with my mentor we had to do vision board. On my vision board I put a lot of women on with make-up. I also had my favorite quotes. One said, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” I also did have BIG letters that said “World’s best actress”. I had a lot of pictures and sayings of my two main jobs which I mentioned earlier.


2 responses to “My name is Karina Garcia and I dream to be….. an artist.

  1. Great job, Karina! You are an AMAZING young woman and I can’t wait for the day I get to watch you walk across the stage and accept your Oscar! I know it will happen for you!!

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