Susy’s “I Dream To Be… “

My name is Susana Gomez Barajas.  I dream to be in the fashion industry as a fashion designer.  Carolina Davalos motivated me to reach for my dream and never let it go.  She is a truly inspirational person.  I told her about my dreams and she told me about hers.

Carolina Davalos is in the fashion industry.  She moved from being a waitress to working for Telemundo. In Telemundo, she did so many things.  She was a weather and fashion reporter and now she is helping teach Latinas how to dress and have better wardrobe.

She came from Mexico alone and that helped her become independent.  She is strong and she has had the support from many, especially her parents.  Carolina Davalos went to fashion school and then wanted to be a singer.  Becoming a singer didn’t work out , so she became a weather and fashion reporter and now she is trying something new.  That made me see that I can try different things to figure out what I really want to do. She was also denied many times, but that still did not back her down.

Three things that I put on my inspiration board are:

-I wrote the word “Mother”, because my mother doesn’t judge me and helps me out with whatever I want to accomplish.

-A photo of a lady catching butterflies, because it symbolizes going for your dreams and catching them.

– A photo of an outfit by Betsy Johnson, the designer.  It had bright colors and a big bow and I put it on my board, because I love fashion.

Top two important questions I asked my mentor:
Q. Do you feel that your job gives you enough time for yourself?
A. She said that when she was a reporter, she would travel often from one place to another so it was challenging to find time for herself.
Q. Do you have fun with fashion?
A. Fashion is something that she adores and has fun with and she says it is better to have a job you enjoy.
4 Things My Mentor Taught Me
*I want to be in the fashion industry
*She has been rejected many times, but she has never given up.
*Fashion is very artsy and has a very creative side.
*She told me that if you are working in the job you dreamt about, you will be happy and that is the best thing ever.



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