Yadira’s “I Dream to be…”

My Name is Yadira Galvan and I Dream to be a Pediatrician. My mentor, Amy Shapiro, motivated me to follow my dreams.

She’s a Pediatrician, so she really helped me to see how my job would be if I become a doctor.  She also motivated me because when she was in college her father passed away, but she didn’t give up. Even though she went through something really hard she overcame it.

She chose to become a Pediatrician because she loves working with little kids.  Even though sometimes she wishes she could have done something else, she sees that being a Pediatrician is what she really wants to do.  She told me that I might struggle, but that at the end it’s all worth it.  You have to keep in mind what your goal was in the first place.  She also showed me that to be a doctor or to have any other job you don’t need to have a certain personality.  What really matters are your skills.  She also told me that to be a doctor you need to be patient and to listen.

Three things that I put on my inspiration board are:

-A photo of a big ice cream cone, because I LOVE LOVE ice cream.

-A photo of Spain because I really love to travel and I would love to go there someday.

-A picture of a baby because I thought I wanted to work with little kids and be a Pediatrician, but I also like Psychiatry. Over Christmas break I googled different careers and I liked what I learned about Psychiatry. I am interested in the way the mind works. There are so many career options working with kids!

The TOP 5 Reasons I want to be like my mentor are:

-I like working with kids.

-I like helping people when they feel bad.

-I would like to meet new people everyday.

-You need to do a lot to do this job, but it is really fun!

-You make good money 🙂

Question 1: Why did you choose to become a Pediatrician?

I’ve always loved kids so I knew that what ever I did it was going to involve kids. If I could have been any other thing I would have been a teacher.

Question 2: Are there times when you get tired of your job and wish you could have done something different?

Yeah, like everyone else, once in a while I do. But at the end I know I made the right choice because I love my job and I love kids.

I feel that I am more outgoing and not shy now  because of Step Up. I learned to take better pictures and my mentor helped me to better understand what I wanted to do.  Photojournalism has helped me tell my own story.



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