Sarai’s “I Dream to be…”

My name is Sarai Melara. I Dream to be a Photographer, Youth Pastor and work in the field of entertainment.

My mentor, Kasaan, inspired me to do what I want to do and be what I want to be by telling me about her past careers, being easy to talk to, determined, strong, independent, and hard working.  She was so easy to converse with so I was very interested in hearing about her.

When Kasaan told me that she went from being a Dancer, to Choreographer, to a Manager/Music Producer…I related to her. I related to her, because I always change my mind on what career I want to pursue. I was glad she told me about her past careers.

Even though she changed her mind,  Kasaan was determined to have a career related to Dancing/Music. Her determination inspired me to achieve my goals no matter what happens or how many times I change my own mind.

Three things that I put on my inspiration board are:

-I wrote the word “Motocross” and the name “Travis Pastrana”, because he represents FEARLESSNESS to me.

-A photo of a bracelet with a cross on it, because of my religion and my love for God.  Also, because I want to be a Youth Pastor someday.

-A photo of kids playing the drums. I put this because I like to learn how to play all kinds of instruments.


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