My name is Jessica Flores and I dream to be a photographer like Remy Haynes


My name is Jessica Flores and I dream to be a photographer like Remy Haynes. Remy taught me that you have to find out what you really love and try your best pursue it. She really enjoys going to work because her job does not feel like a job since she loves photography so much. Remy has inspired me to find out what it is that I want to be first and feel comfortable with it. I keep changing my mind about everything I dream to be, sometimes it is a doctor, cop, lawyer, etc. But no matter what I decide I know that I have to work hard to get it. I am inspired to grow up and find my passion so that I can love my job as much as Remy loves her job.

My mentor Remy and I

On my vision board I had many words because the words and phrases are the ones that inspire me and encourage me to never stop no matter what kinds of struggles I face. I know that it won’t be easy to get to where I want to be at first but I know that the moment I reach my goal, all the struggles will be all worth it. My mom raised a smart woman that has been and will continue to be successful in life. I know I will have many more oportunities coming my way. When Remy mentioned traveling and actually going to the places she always wanted to go it made me want to ask more questions, she told me that at first she had difficulties but she never gave up. I said to myself  if she can do it, then I know I can do it. I want to be able to do what I love and be able to help others, for instance my mother. I want to get her a better house to live in and keep her safe. Remy said that she is able to help her mom too. It made me feel even better because the first thing I want to do is help my mom.


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